01/26/11:  Pontotoc County, MS - In a developing story, reports that a 51-year old man died today after being attacked by three pit bulls in Pontotoc County. Ronnie Waldo was killed this afternoon at a home on Topsy Road. Emergency responders pronounced the victim dead on the scene and deputies shot and killed at least two of the three dogs after being aggressive toward them. Pontotoc County Sheriff Neal Davis said the case is still under investigation.

Though details are still emerging, Waldo was renting property from Casey Swanson and was found in Swanson's front yard. In another "pit bull breeding operation" that ended in human death, NEMS360 reports, "A half dozen pit bull puppies scurried around the yard, seemingly oblivious to the howls and growls of the adult dogs that were being corralled from the backyard by sheriff’s deputies."1 They also noted that the adult pit bulls did not go "without a fight."
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