CAUTION: GRAPHIC PHOTOS are shown below to demonstrate the severity of dog bites, heighten the importance of dog obedience training, and most importantly, highlight the necessity of educating children about dogs and safety.  Dog Bite injuries can be physically and emotionally devastating to victims.  In most cases, the damage is permanent and life-altering.

The Law Offices of Jason Stern represents dog bite victims of all ages, but we are particularly distressed when children are bitten by dogs. As a father of two young children, I know how difficult it can be to walk that fine line between being teaching our children to be friendly to dogs vs. being afraid of them.  If you would like to receive a FREE COPY of my e-book KEEPING YOUR KIDS SAFE FROM DOGBITES, please complete the form on the Contact Page and I will email it to you absolutely free of charge. My #1 goal as an attorney is always to protect children so I don't have to fight for them.