Rusk County, TX - A 2-year old boy was killed by a pit bull today in the same county where Justin Clinton was killed by two pit bulls last year. The dog's owner, Kelvin Muckleroy, was the victim's grandfather. The dog was chained to a tree in the yard of the home where the attack occurred. Authorities removed the offending pit bull as well as 29 additional "kennel kept" dogs at the residence. The breed(s) of these dogs was not stated in the release:
On Wednesday November 10, 2010 at about 11:03 am the Rusk County Sheriff Office received a call from East Texas Medical Center (Henderson) emergency room requesting an officer to respond to the hospital in regard to a two year old child being deceased as the result of a dog attack. Upon arrival deputies learned that Helen Muckleroy B/F 2-10-75 transported her two year old son Kaden Muckleroy to the hospital from her residence (1950 Rusk County road 421 N. Henderson Texas) for treatment of dog bites from a pit bull dog attack. Further investigation indicates that the dog's owner, Kelvin Muckleroy B/M who is the victim's grandfather had the dog chained to a tree in the yard of the residence where the attack occurred. Muckleroy has consented to the release of the animal as well as about twenty nine additional kennel kept dogs to the Rusk County Sheriff Office. At this time the Sheriff Office is currently conducting an investigation and will release information as is appropriate.